Clemens Non Papa - Ego flos campi, Stile


Ego flos campi

Ego flos campi
et lilium convallium.

Sicut lilium inter spinas,

sic amica mea inter filias.

Sicut malus inter ligna silvarum,

sic dilectus meus inter filios.

Sub umbra illius quem desideraveram sedi,
et fructus ejus dulcis gutturi meo.

I am the flower of the field

I am the flower of the field
and the lily between the valleys.

Like the lily between the thorns,
so is my love among the daughters.

Like the apple tree among the forest
so is my beloved among the sons.

I sat under his shadow with great delight,
his fruit was sweet to my taste.

(from the Song of Songs)