Fayrfax - Eterne laudis lilium, Intrada


Eterne laudis lilium

E terne laudis lilium, O dulcis Maria, te
L audat vox angelica, nutrix Christi pia.
I ure prolis glorie detur harmonia,
S alus nostre memoria omni agonia.

A ve radix, flos virginum, O sanctificata.
B enedicta in utero materno creata.
E ras sancta puerpera et inviolata,
T uo ex Iesu filio virgo peramata.

H onestis celi precibus virgo veneraris.
R egis excelsi filii visu iocundaris.
E ius divino lumine tu nusquam privaris.
G aude sole splendidior virgo singularis.

I ssachar quoque Nazaphat necnon Ismaria,
N ati ex Iesse stipite qua venit Maria,
A tque Maria Cleophe sancto Zacharia,
A qua patre Elisabeth, matre Sophonia

N atus est Dei gratia Iohannes Baptista.
G audebat clauso Domino in matrice cista.
L inee ex hoc genere est Evangelista
I ohannes. Anne filia ex Maria ista

E st Iesus Dei filius natus in hunc mundum,
cujus cruoris tumulo mundatur immundum.
Conferat nos in gaudium in evum iocundum,
qui cum Patre et spiritu sancto regnat in unum. Amen


O lily of unceasing praise, O sweetest Mary, angel voices now exalt you, Christ’s devoted nurse. By the rule of your offspring comes the harmony of glory, salvation by all the striving of our memorial. 

Hail root and bloom of maidens, made to be holy; you were created blessed in your mother’s womb. You were a holy mother and a virgin both, a maiden most beloved by your son Jesus. 

Maiden of heaven you are worshipped with heartfelt prayer. You joy to see your son the king most high. Nowhere is his heavenly splendour separate from you. Rejoice, O virgin unique, more glorious than the sun. 

Issachar also, Nazaphat and Ismaria, offspring of the root of Jesse whence came Mary, and Mary wife of Cleopas bless Zacharia, with whom as father Elizabeth, whose mother was Sophonia, 

was mother to John the Baptist, by the grace of God. She rejoiced at the Lord enclosed within her maternal treasury. Of this seed came John the Evangelist. Of Mary daughter of Anne 

was Jesus Christ born into this world.By the shedding of his blood the world is purified, he transports us to bliss, and age of joyfulness, who reigns together with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Amen.